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Countries where the most delicious cuisine: Top 10

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The top 10 countries with the most delicious cuisine recognized the U.S., Mexico, Thailand, Greece, India, Japan, Spain, France, China and Italy.

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In a pan in the oven and pans and some Americans so delicious dishes became "highlight" and become as perfect culinary icons to the world. Cheeseburger - a traditional dish of Americans

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If you were ordered to choose one type of food that you eat the rest of my life, we were advised to stay in Mexican cuisine. It can be called a base station, which gathered nutritious ingredients - tomatoes, avocado, lime, beans, garlic, chili and chocolate. One of the traditional dishes of Mexican Тacos al pastor is - a pork roast on a spit

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If you look through a book of Thai cooking, it is difficult to find a meal, a list of ingredients which would fit on one piece of paper. Sup Tom Yam Kung - it's like a rave party in your mouth. Floral notes lemonhrassu combine it with earth - Kalgan, supplemented by fresh kaffir-lime and chili heat.

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Travel Greece - it's kind of came to life around you some glossy magazine, but without Photoshop. Eat here - it's like trying to talk history for such dishes as dolma or lentil soup regaled even the ancient Greeks. Spanakopita - a dish where spinach becomes really delicious, because combined with feta and baked in puff pastry.

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India deserves the Nobel Prize because she was able to make vegetarian food is so delicious. One of the traditional dishes of India is Dosa - a pancake with cheese, vegetables or other fillings.

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In Japan, refer to cooking as seriously as the work of the technical industry. Taste good to eat - yet in this country is almost impossible. Sushi - traditional Japanese dishes made ​​from rice, processed rice vinegar or salt, and a variety of toppings or layers, which are dominated by seafood, but can include meat, vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms or eggs. Sushi are raw, cooked or pickled.

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Spain, with dinner at nine pm and gatherings in bars, the whole world envies. Popular dish of Spain is Jamon iberiyko - it jerked pork ham which is set on a wooden base and cut into thin slices.

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Is the most delicious Italian cuisine edition declares that for centuries fascinated food lovers from around the world. Spaghetti Bolognese - a famous traditional dish in Italy

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Kitchen from different regions of China is so different that it's hard to believe that all of this - one country. Xiaolongbao - large dumplings with hot soup inside, which are known in China and attract tourists in the whole world.

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