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Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

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Black Sea Biosphere Reserve - a state nature reserve located on the sandy banks of the lower Dnieper.

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The reserve was established in 1927 as part of a larger Black Sea preserve and it became a separate Black Sea Nature Reserve in 1933.

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The preserve covers 14,158 ha of dry land and 74,971 ha of water and constitutes the largest nature preserve in Ukraine.

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It was created to protect nesting, wintering, and migratory birds and to reserve the natural environment. It occurs within the breeding of rare species of oystercatcher, sea zuyok, eider, hodulichnik, merganser long-legged, black-headed gull, white-tailed eagle, bustards, pelicans pink, cormorant and great egret had other.

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Its territory has revealed 926 species of natural flora, among them - more than 700 species of vascular plants, 90 - lichens, 61 species of mosses, 87 species of fungi and nodding 91 species of fungi, parasites fitotrofnih. Here are kept the 16 species of plants listed in the European Red List and 24 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

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Great bustard

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Knapweed korotkogolovy

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Birch Dnieper

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