Презентація на тему «Askania Nova»

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presentation on the topic "Askania Nova"
Irina Romanenko

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Reserve "Askania Nova”

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Biosphere reserve Askania-Nova is the oldest protected complex of Ukraine. Founded in con. The nineteenth century Friedrich Falz-FEIN as a private reserve of Capli" on 500 acres of land.

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If You love birds and animals, the smell of the steppe and colors or you are tired of city life, it is likely to visit the reserve, You would expect there to unforgettable moments of unity with nature and truly spiritual recreation.

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Biosphre reserve Askania-Nova - the world famous national Park of Ukraine, the only European area of fescue-feather grass steppes, which has never been touched by a plow. There is a zoo, a collection of birds and animals from almost all countries of the world. Wild animals are in the wild or in poloniae. Most of the territory is beautiful Botanical Park with numerous artificial lakes and ponds.

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The unique island of nature in the land of the ancient brand! Zapovednik Askania Nova is different from other reserves to the fact that its territory in addition to local, aboriginal, steppe species of wild fauna was well received by many rare animals brought from Europe and Asia, but from Africa, Australia and America. Here in vast enclosures of the zoo area of 30 sq km are in semi-free conditions zebras and antelopes, bison and Buffalo, deer and wild horses - in total more than 1000 animals 40 and hybrid forms. These "guests" Askania steppe already feel in spacious enclosures like home.

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Great value is also a Botanical Park, which has a successful record of experience acclimatization in the arid South of St. 120 of tree and shrub species (ash, acacia, oak and others). Landing in the southern steppe of tree plantations and the device ponds made A. a convenient place for nesting and stops during migration variety associated with forest vegetation and water birds, which had not previously been present.

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Particularly beautiful steppe during flowering grass in late spring.

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On the Islands nadejatsja dozens , sotn thousand RSNA pthv, Sered Aceh even Korin for agriculture gospodarstwa chernovolov, ABO seredezemnomorskogo Martini that RSN mysliwski birdy: kriging, galagos, narozen, Liska. Vimco here you sastri clka thousand Lebedev, onover 300 tees. crijns, tens of thousand NSA Milevsko-Promyslova pthv, AK nadejatsja in Evropeisky castin cpcp I Sahana Sebru.

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From ungulates here several species of antelope (Indian, African, American), wild goats and sheep, Asian bulls, Przewalski's horse, Zebra, bison, bison, various deer, llama, guanaco and other.

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A large and rare collection of waterfowl breeds in artificial ponds Park graceful swans, wild geese, various ducks, ledeni; there are all kinds of ostriches, pheasants and numerous small tropical ornamental birds. And all these animals and birds are whole herds and flocks. The zoo received an interesting valuable consequences on acclimatization and domestication of many mammals and birds (antelope, deer, pheasants, ostriches, wild geese and other).

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Fauna of protected steppe, mostly retained its indigenous fauna, except for large species of mammals and birds.