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“Artistic traditions
in Ukraine”

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One should remember that the early period referred to icon-painting, that began to develop in Kyivan Rus in the 10th century after Prince Volodymyr had baptised the state.
Christ Pantocrator

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Portrait painting
Portrait painting as a separate genre appeared during the Renaissance (16th century) and was strongly influenced by the icon tradition.
Taras Shevchenko.

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Many Ukrainian painters were attracted to the new Academy of Arts in St Petersburg (1757), which cultivated the classicist style of painting then popular in Europe.
Academy of Arts in St Petersburg

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Odesa art school and Kyiv drawing school occupied an important place at the beginning of the 20th century. Outstanding artists such as Mykola Murashko and Mykola Pymonenko were prominent representatives of that time.
Rizdviani Vorozhinnia.
Mykola Pymonenko

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Gipsy Fortune Teller.
Taras Shevchenko

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At that time Ukraine was called East European Italy. Artists from Russia and European countries visited Ukraine to enrich themselves with new themes and images. One of such artists was Vasyl Schternberg.
Vasyl Schternberg

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Ukrainian art of Soviet period is represented by many talented painters as T. Yablonska, Y. Bokchai, O. Shovkunenko and many other.
T. Yablonska. Spring.

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Present-day Ukrainian art is developing in harmony with world art. National theme remains topical in painting – in thematic and historical pictures, landscapes, associative and formalistic works.

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