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Arkhip Kuindzhi

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Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (January 27, 1842– July 24, 1910) was a Ukrainian landscape painter of Greek origin.
He studied painting mainly independently and in St.Petersburg Academy of Arts. For some time he worked in the studio of Ivan Aivazovsky.
Kuindzhi initiated the establishment of the Society of Artists, which included landscape painters.

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The movement of his art is realism.
He applied composite receptions, creating panoramic views. Using light effects and intense colors shown in main tones, he depicted the illusion of illumination.
His later works are remarkable by decorative effects of color building.

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His works:
"Red sunset" (1905)

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"Daryal. Moonlight night" (1890-1895)

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"Sunset over the sea in winter" (1890)

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"Sea. Crimea" (1898-1908)

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"Birch Grove"

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"Kavkaz. Mountains in the snow " (1890-1895)

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"Moscow Kremlin from Zamoskvorechye" (1882)

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"Evening in Ukraine" (1878–1901)

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