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Etiquette in China

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In general Chinese are patient,punctual,
generous and have great sense of humor.
A handshake is the most common form of greeting with foreigners.
Many people do not get up during the greeting - it is normal practice.
General rules of conduct

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In this country you should give presents to the Chinese New Year, weddings, birth of children, birthdays.
You shouldn`t give flowers and handkerchiefs, because many Chinese associate them with funerals.
Don`t wrap gifts in white, blue or black paper.
Traditionally in China, before taking the gift,Chinese give it up three times.
You should always give gifts, holding them with both hands.
How to give presents

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Chinese prefer to receive visitors in public places, especially if a guest is a foreigner.
You should arrive into a public place in time. Lateness is a sign of stupid manners.
If you were invited into the house, you are honored guest.
Before entering the house, you must take off our shoes.
Eat all offered meals and show how you enjoy the food.
Rules of conduct during meals

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Learn to use traditional Chinese sticks. Sometimes it is not easy, but using forks there is not accepted.
The owners should start eating first.
The first toast always says owner of the house.
You should try to eat everything you were offered.
During the meal plate should be kept near the mouth.
Rules of communication during the meal

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Traditional Chinese melody

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The end!