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Animals Australia

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Most Australian marsupial mammals : on his stomach they have a deep fold of skin , which is called bag.

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Bird height of about two meters , the Australian ostrich.

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Female emus lay large eggs green.

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Night too marsupial animal, living mostly in the trees. Eats leaves , flowers and bark.

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 The female lays one egg and hatching it in a bag .

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Dwells in southern Australia. Digs a deep hole branched . Nourishes the roots, leaves and mushrooms .

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Tasmanian devil
This predator spends the day in the bushes , and the night goes on the hunt .

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Thylacine or tilatsin
The smallest marsupial is one of the species of the marsupial mouse : it reaches a length of 4.5 cm !

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The appearance of the animal is such that its no one confused . The tail is long and strong.
Before leaving the bag on the mother's belly , baby kangaroo is in it for about eight months
 Despite a larger mass - 70 kilograms , they develop high speed.

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The beak of the platypus are broad and flat, looks like a bird . Do platypus has no teeth at all .

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It looks like a marsupial bear and weighs about 15 pounds.
Every day koala eats about one kilogram of eucalyptus leaves .
Koala on parasites do not start because it smells like eucalyptus fur !

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Crowned Pigeon
On her head a crown adorned with feathers , which in the past century have been widely used by people as a decoration.

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Black Swan
These birds are bred for decorating parks.

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This bird with a very long beak became a symbol of New Zealand. Her wings quite tiny , and it can not fly.