Презентація на тему «Canada» (варіант 5)

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Presentation on the topic:«Canada»
By 11th grade student
Ihor Davydenko

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Canada is a North American country consisting
of ten provinces and two territories.
It extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to
the Pacific Ocean in the west, and northward into
the Arctic Ocean.

Слайд #3

Canada is the world's second-largest
country by total area, and its common
border with the United States is the longest
land border in the world. It's area is almost
10 000 000 km2

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The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is situated on the bank of Ottawa River.
It is also known as the city of bridges.
It is famous for its beautiful parks.

Слайд #5

It holds the first place in the world in the amount of forest.
It is rich in the following natural resources: non-ferrous metals, uranium, oil, natural gas, coal.

Слайд #6

Canadian industries produce cars, air liners, locomotives, sea vessel and agricultural equipment.

Слайд #7

Official languages of Canada are English and French. Nearly 60 percent of the poppulation speaks English and 27 percent speak French.

Слайд #8

About 2 percent of the Canadian territory is covered by glacier ice.
The eastern parts of the country are mainly valieys and plains.

Слайд #9

The western territories are occupied by the Cordillears.
They stretch from the American border to the Arctic Ocean.
Rocky Mountains
Coast Mountain

Слайд #10

The main Canadian islands are Newfoundland, Victoria Island, Baffin Island and other.
Victoria Island

Слайд #11

The biggest river of Canada are the Nelson, the Ottawa, the Mackenzie and the Yukon.

Слайд #12

The population of Canada is about 25 000 000 million people.
It is also rich in forests and fur-bearing animals
All these factors led Canada to the possition of a highly-developed country.

Слайд #13

Political system of Canada
Legislative branch
Queentt Senatet House of commons
Elizabeth II
Prime Minister
Stephen Harper
Governor General
David Johnston

Слайд #14

Executive branch
Prime Minister Cabinet
Stephen Harper

Слайд #15

Judicial branch
The Supreme The Federal The Provincial
Court of Canada Court of Canada Court of Canada

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