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Leafy seadragon

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The habitats

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The description

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This type is taken under the protection of the Australian government.

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Interesting facts

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It can eat about 3000 shrimps by 1 day
In contrast to seahorses, which are hooked their tail for algae in the period of sea swell, Leafy seadragon do not know how to do it, so they often die during storms, because they washed ashore.
It is the official emblem of South Australia.

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Mint Australian city of Perth has released the second coin of the new series of silver coins "Australian marine life - the reefs." It shows a picker. Coins of 50 Australian cents minted from silver 999, each weighing 15.573 grams, diameter - 36.6 mm, circulation - no more than 10 000. Rag-picker image adorns the reverse of the coin, on the obverse - the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Value of a coin is over then 1,300 Russian rubles.

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