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Daniel Boone
Darina Petrova
11 B

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Daniel Boone
Darina Petrova
11 B

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Daniel Boone
In 1734, Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania.
He grew up on a farm but he liked hunting better.
Daniel Boone wore animal skins and shined his hair with bear grease.

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Daniel Boone got his first gun at age 12.
He spent a lot of time hunting with it.
At age 19 or 20, Daniel Boone joined the USA army in the French & Indian War.

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Wilderness Road
Some settlers went south and west along the trail called the Great Wagon Road. This was also known as the Wilderness Road. It went through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky.

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The way west. The trip to Kentucky was difficult. Thousands of pioneers travelled by land to Pittsburgh. There they build boats and sailed down the Ohio River to the Ohio Territory. Travelling by boat was easier and quicker than travelling by land. But river travel also had its problems. In spring the rivers flooded. Dangerous rapids and waterfalls could break a boat. Besides, bandits, pirates and American Indians often attacked the boats and stole goods.

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The pioneers used many kinds of boats, but the most popular are flatboat and keelboat.

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Built of wood
Had large deck with a small cabin
Could travel downstream

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Smaller than flatboats
Could travel downstream and upstream