Презентація на тему «BOOKS IN OUR LIFE»

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The presentation
was prepared by
Halyna Bilyk

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Books are one of the greatest wonders in the world.

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They follow us during all our life. When you read a book you enrich your mind with knowledge. This knowledge will help you in different subjects. People who read many books are very clever. If you read many books you will get a lot of information on many subjects.

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Some of modern adolescents don't like reading books. They prefer watching TV, playing computer games and other kinds of entertainment.

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I don't think it's very good. Books are not only entertainment. They help us in self-education, and also to imagine the future, to look into the past. Books develop our intellect, our soul, but, of course, except of some modern crime or love novels, which you can find in any bookshop and which are printed only for entertain. I don't like this kind of literature and, in my opinion, reading such books is only waste of time. Everybody has his favorite books. They can be novels, detective stories, science literature and many others. All of them distinguish and form some individual traits of character in everybody.

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As for me, I like to read books in my free time. Books help me to go away from life problems, to get into another world.

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Books pass over to us the knowledge and experience of previous generations, broaden our scope of vision. I like various literature directions and authors. It depends on my mood which book I take to read. There is no definite author which I like most of all.

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Every book gives birth to special inner world in my mind and in my soul. I like to imagine main characters of my favorite books, their clothes, and faces. It is difficult for me to leave the characters of my favorite novels in the end of the books.

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