Презентація на тему «Borrowings in the modern Ukrainian language»

Слайд #1

Англіцизми в сучасній українській мові
Borrowings in the modern Ukrainian language

Слайд #2

are words adopted by the speakers of one language from a different language (the source language).

Слайд #3

the use of borrowings and slang in everyday communication
the peculiarities of their usage in spoken conversation.
The subject of my investigation

Слайд #4

to discover the role of borrowings and slang in Modern Ukrainian language
find out positive and negative points of its influence
to point out the main reasons of appearance of this phenomena.
to classify slang words
The aim of the investigation

Слайд #5

techniques: блюмінг, бульдозер, буфер,
politics, economics and trade: банкнота, блеф, блокада, бойкот, бюджет
sports: аут, бокс, боксер, волейбал
army: аут, бокс, боксер, волейбал
cloths: велвет, джемпер, піджак,піжама
food and drinks: біфштекс, кекс, пудинг
culture: гумор, джаз, клоун, клуб,
Spheres, where we use borrowed words

Слайд #6

The reason why the words are borrowed into language :.
Ukrainian language don't have this words in its language, so they are borrowed and not assimilated
To replace describing phrase by phrase by one word
To give detailed information about subject that already exists in the language

Слайд #7

words or phrases, which are used by people of different specialty or class layer

Слайд #8

slang words we divide according to the sphere of its usage:
Things of everyday usage: cloths, food, money, colors
Computer technologies,
Emotions, reaction
Denoting people according to age and gender, relative boundaries
Sphere of culture
Self-development, methods

Слайд #9

Thank you for attention!
Burkalo Nikoletta